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Electric Pickle

"Electric Pickle/
How it makes my heart tickle/
Late nights, disco lights."
So says Soul Clap's Charlie Levine of the Electric Pickle. So moved was he, that he wrote us the above haiku, a very neat summation of this Miami venue's discreet, diminutive charms.

"The Pickle is our jam," he continues, "arguably the best nightclub in the States. Will, the owner, has put so much love and attention to detail into this anything-goes-adult-playground. Classy, cool with a perfect splash of Miami sleaze. We (of the Marcy Hotel order) are proud to fly south for the winter and call this place our home away from home."

Visiting the place, it's hard to disagree; from its low lights in the downstairs bar, to its killer soundsystem, hip crowd, supremely mellow garden area (for when it all gets too much) and wicked upstairs disco, replete with bowing floorboards that groan under the weight of delirious jumping beans, not to mention the universally great DJ talent it books, the Pickle is the real deal.

"For me, the Pickle is special because it's intimate and always has a great vibe, not to mention the great team behind it!" says Subb-an.