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The ultra-modern Garage has no truck with old school ideals. You won't find them pining for the lo-fi disco days of the Paradise Garage. Instead, it's all about looking to the future for this Brazilian club, which not only books the best of the techno and house crop (Laurent Garnier, Derrick Carter, Miss Kittin and Argy dropped by in 2011), but has a space-age biometric system that scans members fingertips on entry, a synced-up audiovisual Madrix software circuit to trigger lights and effects, and a Lonardi Doná-designed soundsystem.

Though located in a lesser-known enclave of central Western Brazil, Mato Grasso (the exact centre of South America), Garage is increasingly putting the place on the map, while simultaneously giving its cash-rich rivals in the South of the country a run for their money.