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Born in 2004 and opened with Matthias Martinsohn, Sven Väth's ultra-futuristic bolthole venue in the city where he first rose to club infamy is a combination of freaky factors that obviously complement each other well. On the one hand, there's a restaurant and large lounge area, which don't seem very techno, but are obviously inspired by Sven's Ibiza jaunts. And even rave fiends get hungry (sometimes).

On the other, there's an endless stream of the best DJs in electronic music, from the deepest of underground artists to more commercial house promotions. Then there's the Steve Dash-created soundsystem and stunning interior design over three floors, which draws from nature for inspiration. As the name of the club suggests (also the title of Sven's label and booking agency, lest we forget), it's full of organic imagery, with pods that resemble butterfly pupas strewn around the fused, enveloping membrane walls (there are even several VIP "cocoons" built into them). Don't take our word for how jaw-dropping it is, though. "This club is really great, fantastic!" says Skrillex.