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One of the craziest things about Womb is just how low-key it is. At least, from the outside. When DJ Mag visited, we struggled to find it initially, before spotting the tiny wall plaque, squirreled away on a little side street in a seedy part of Shibuya.

Once inside though, it's a different matter. With every detail subtly imbued with a high-tech edge, from the amniotic, cosseting, enveloping sound, to the truly sci-fi laser light FX, it's a brain-scrambling reminder that Womb is in another league entirely.

But ultimately, if you were to remove the adornments, you'd be in a large dark space. With the best techno and house DJs playing. And one of the friendliest, most inclusive crowds we've ever come across. And surely, you can't ask for much more?

"Womb is one of my favourite clubs in the world. The soundsystem and enthusiastic atmosphere is hard to beat. The crowd are inspiring, intense and fundamentally just lovely. I always have a fantastic time, as I get to meet amazing people and also get taken care of very well. A night at Womb is very special and unforgettable," says Anja Schneider.