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Situated in London's white-collar corner for media back-scratching, but housed in an old meat storage facility, Fabric is a contradiction of sorts. But, saying that, not much is very ordinary about this club, as anyone who's been there will tell you.

A few truths do exist, however. Once inside, you'll find a maze-like tower heaving with bug-eyed chaos, a walking ground for the most diverse clubbing demographic there is, including eager-to-rave students, hyperactive tourists and, of course, the clued-up faithful returning for their hundredth visit. DJs lucky enough to play always say it's an honour, while visiting clubbers testify it's the most high-octane experience to be found in London. Ask us, we'll argue that Fabric, with its minimalist stylings, superlative soundsystem and exquisitely well-rounded line-ups, is a juggernaut very few on this planet can compete with. But what does Adam Shelton have to say about it?

"The true benchmark of how a club should be run; the sound, the bookings, the team involved, always a pleasure to play at and always a great rave!" So, there you have it.