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Responsible for spurring some of the most powerful juggernauts treading the globe today, it's often easy to overlook the salubrious sonics bubbling beneath the Dutch dance scene's mainstream. For all the big-room antics of Afrojack or the aeroplane-arm gliding of Armin, lest we forget that Amsterdam is also home to Rush Hour Records, the yearly ADE party season and, of course, a plethora of high-end underground clubs, including this (not so) little gem.

A relative newbie to the city, Air only opened in April 2010 but clearly hasn't struggled to nestle into its discerning affections. During March 2012 alone, it almost burst its seams thanks to the tectonic shakings of Anthony Rother, Noir and Audiojack (to name only a few), with Switch and Horse Meat Disco lined up for April. The only chest-beating here comes from the state-of-the-art soundsystem.