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Café D'Anvers

With a history that stretches the breadth of dance music, in a country responsible for some of its most meaningful contributions, it's no wonder that Café D'Anvers is a repeat offender in this poll.

Setting up shop in 1989 in a 16th Century church, it's by no means stuck in the past, light-years ahead of its peers thanks to a music policy people trust; an acute sonic vision focused purely on pitching sought-after newbies and tried-and-tested legends alongside up-and-coming local DJs without ever succumbing to the lure of more lucrative, commercial pursuits. DJ Sneak, Shlomi Aber and Audiofly have all basked in the glowing lights of the main room in recent months; Flying Circus also stopped by and promoters regularly take delight mixing up d&b and dubstep at weekly mid-week student nights. Don't be a twerp. Head to Antwerp.