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Not that we are suckers for gimmickry here at DJ Mag HQ, but it's difficult not to be impressed, or at least intrigued, by a club chicly mocked up as a bomb shelter. Located in the same area that 20,000 evacuees were camped during the Lebanese War, it was a tough theme to resist for this 400-capacity warehouse venue designed by architect Ben Khoury. With its large mirror reflecting the city's lights inside and a slick, understated interior to rival most, B018's taste cannot be questioned. Plus, it welcomed Hernan Cattaneo recently, so the beats ain't bad either.

"Definitely one of the best clubs in the world, and one of my favourites," the man himself says of the club. "All night, the room goes almost pitch-black, so that creates a really intense atmosphere ideal for deeper and darker stuff. The Lebanese clubbers are the most enthusiastic you can ever find and that's a great motivation for longer sets too. Every DJ I know shares the same feeling after playing there."