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panorama bar

The simple but effective two pronged attack of this underground dance music mecca continues to be like catnip to cool club kids all over the world. For techno, the dark and dusty, vast and industrial dungeon of Berghain offers a place to lose yourself, your mind and your fiends to the most cutting edge sounds of the day.

As well as globally renowned residents like Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann, on point guests pass through for marathon events on a weekly basis. For house lovers, the less intense but equally atmospheric Panorama Bar is where regulars like Cassy and Tama Sumo, plus guests from around the world, keep kids dancing from dusk til dawn (in fact, being in there when the sun begins to peak through the shutters is one of dance music’s most mythologised moments).

Berghain and Panorama Bar parties are hugely extended affairs, the door policy remains a much debated mystery and the in-house label continues to lavish us with house and techno from all the club’s closest friends, and with that it is easy to see why this remains one of the most important clubs of its era.