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DJ Mag Top100 Clubs

Before you have even heard a beat, Rimini club Cocorico is something to behold: much like those outside the Louvre in Paris, this long-running club is actually a vast pyramid made from hundreds of triangular glass panels. Lasers shoot down from the top of it to the clubbers who gather en-masse below, and the whole thing has a beam-me-up feel that adds a sense of futurism and intergalactic magic to each event. In the last year, the club was forcibly closed for four months whilst authorities investigated a sad drug related death, but it reopened in January and very much carried on from where it left off.

In the past the city has been an Italo haven, but nowadays shiny EDM and main-room techno acts are the order of the day. In the past year the likes of Luciano, Loco Dice and Ilario Alicante have all passed through the doors, and being there when the sun begins to beam through the roof is a magical experience. Plenty of hanging LED screens, CO2 cannons and Egyptian-style decorations all add to the atmosphere, and with a wealth of talented locals supporting the big-name acts, it’s easy to see why you love Cocorico.