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DJ Mag Top100 Clubs

The Resident Advisor profile for Output only says, “Output is open to anyone, but is not for everyone”. That very succinctly sums up this haven for people who want the unexpected. Even Seth Troxler has said of the Brooklyn club, “Perfect sound, amazing line-ups and great Sunday parties.

If you want underground music, there is nowhere better in America.” It’s a nondescript building from the outside, and hints of the rooftop patio seen from the street look more festive than the building’s blackened walls. Once inside, it’s dark and industrial, with much of the building’s inner structures exposed and a second floor overlooking the main room.

It all feels raw and intimate. Adding to this is Output’s strict no camera policy — that means photos, videos, audio, Snaps — something they are insistent upon and have had in place since their opening (although if you are curious, a cursory Google search will turn up some photos of the interior).

As far as what to expect musically: Richie Hawtin, Brodinski, Kill The Noise and Sasha have all made appearances. Want to know if this is the place for you? If you, like Output, discourage “egocentricity, excess and cell phones” but encourage “respect, discretion and dancing,” this is the place for you to spend your weekends.