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DJ Mag Top100 Clubs

Belgium has long been a hotbed of dance music activity, right back to the days of EBM, the techno heyday of the early '90s and on through acts like Soulwax, Kolombo and Peter Van Hoesen. They have an internationally renowned festival scene to match, with ridiculously overblown, supersize gatherings like Tomorrowland and I Love Techno taking care of the more discerning end of the techno-loving spectrum.

For those locals who like their beats bigger and glossier, however, they turn to the no expenses spared party and posers paradise that is Hasselt-based club Versuz. The place boasts a limo service, many glass chandeliers, a plush patio, even smarter VIP space and well-designed outdoor terrace for open-air chilling. There is also a whiskey and cigar lounge, restaurant and more intimate Black Box. As such it is a versatile space that welcomes the likes of Pacha and has residents such as Dave Lambert, Delafuno, Tom Leclerc and Lady S amongst many others. Guests like Bob Sinclair, Funkerman, Chocolate Puma and Fedde Le Grand give you an idea of what to expect on any given weekend.