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DJ Mag Top100 Clubs
Lux Fragil

In every sense of the word, Lux is a big club — it’s big with the locals, big with international celebrities from music and film and big in that it holds 3000 ravers at any one time. With one vast main room as well as a separate bar and roof space, the design is sleek and futurist with multi-coloured neons bathing shiny floors, a raised stage and tall pillars in light. Disco balls hang down from the high ceilings, plush curtains help absorb sound and lend a, well, lux feel to each party and a well stocked cocktail bar allows people to treat themselves up on the roof. 

The last 12 months have been arguably the club’s finest to date, with a cool selection of underground events featuring the likes of Seth Troxler and Rodhad, Dekmantel and Karenn, Robert Hood and Gerd Jansen. As such, this might look like a palatial palace inside and out, but the musical offerings are as clued up and esoteric as they come. Their Green Ray party series is also noteworthy, and finds stars like Four Tet and