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Location: Indaial, Brazil

Capacity: 5,000


We’d need another few pages to really describe the wide-eyed joy that is Matahari, but we’ll do our best to condense the feel and party vibe into this tiny block. A sprawling jungle paradise located on a former farm on a stunning hilltop next to a lake, Matahari is a 5,000 capacity space that — somehow — further elevates Brazil’s standing in the international club scene. With a hands-up party feel, indebted to some incredible production, including CO2 cannons, a giant LED ceiling and a serious confetti addiction, the club has continued its impressive bookings with Sharam Jey, LouLou Players and Amine Edge & DANCE indicative of where the booker’s heads are at. If you’re going, make sure to hit the sunset sessions that rival any venue in the world as the sun descends behind the jungle canopy.

Excitingly, the club is being renovated as we speak, adding in an updated backstage area, new cabins and bringing the DJ booth on both dancefloors closer to the action. With more themed parties, and more support for Brazilian stars like Alok and Vintage Culture, 2018 looks set to be even bigger.