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Yalta Club

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Capacity: 1,000


Although this Bulgarian institution opened for business back in 1959, Yalta really started to gain recognition as the first club to introduce electronic music to the East European country back in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. Since those early years, Yalta has retained its position as the go-to Bulgarian club for international names. In the past year alone, Dyed Soundorom, Shonky, Guy J, Victor Calderone and Matador have performed at the venue, with deeper artists like Âme and Moodymanc given free reign to take over the club’s second room.

Yalta’s three main nights are Takeover, No Orders and Elegant Touch, with each one revolving around the the club’s three residents — Liubo Ursiny, Runo and Diass.

Liubo says: “We’re pushing the club programme with new, fresh and upcoming artists from around the world. The idea is to present, as much as possible, artists in a ‘club’ environment rather than festival, i.e. many of them are playing open-to-close sets with no local support, or at least extended sets up to six hours.”

Both rooms at Yalta boast Meyer Sound M’elodie systems, with the smaller second space’s low ceiling and industrial design lending itself to longer sets. With Liubo promising that Yalta will book more high calibre acts “before the summer really kicks in”, it looks like Yalta will remain Sofia’s number one hotspot.