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Location: Moscow, Russia

Capacity: n/a


For years, Arma was one of Moscow’s main clubs for underground electronic music, hosting celebrated names like Zip, Silent Servant and Helena Hauff. However, it always moved about: a fire destroyed its first location and Arma was also subjected to ongoing harassment by the Russian authorities, which resulted in it closing down on at least four other occasions. The final straw for Arma’s organisers came when their 2016 Outline festival, alongside other events in Moscow and St. Petersburg, were also shut down. Since then, Arma says that it has ‘entered a de facto state of an international phenomenon’ hosting parties all over the world. Arma’s next big event is in Berlin in June, and in the meantime, the organisers’ label also continues to release left-of-centre music, most recently an LP by house producer Vakula and two superb industrial edits from Mick Wills.