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DJ Mag Top100 Clubs

Location: London, UK

Capacity: 1,600

What to say about Fabric that hasn’t be said a hundred times over already? The London institution is one of the world’s most beloved venues — it’s constant placing in the Top 100 Clubs is proof enough of that. But beyond that it seems nearly everyone in our industry (especially in the UK) has happy memories in the place; anyone who is anyone has played its hallowed halls, and when the club was shut down in late 2017, thousands upon thousands of dance music fanatics came to its aid, signing a petition, sharing stories and campaigning to get its license reinstated.

A former cold meat storage warehouse in Farringdon, descending down into the club’s depths is enough to get the blood of any dedicated skanker pumping, and that’s before even experiencing room one’s ‘bodysonic’ dancefloor and Martin Audio soundsystem, room two’s 26-speaker Pioneer Pro Audio XY series setup, or the intimate rave cave that is room three.

And this year there’s even more to get excited about, with Fabric celebrating its milestone 20th anniversary. Twenty special extended-set XX events will run throughout the year, while in October — when the club’s birthday lands — there’ll be celebrations every weekend.

Two new residents — Londoners Anna Wall and Bobby — have joined OGs Craig Richards and Terry Francis, and more are set to be announced later in the year. And after finishing off both the ‘Fabric’ and ‘Fabriclive’ mix series in 2018, a new compilation mix ‘Fabric presents’ has been launched, starting with Bonobo. With more events in the series still being kept under wraps, Fabric’s landmark year will be just that. Here’s to the next 20...