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DJ Mag Top100 Clubs

Location: Ibiza, Spain
Capacity: 4,000

Where do you start with this one? While most venues are rightly proud to pass five, 10 and 15-year milestones, Ibiza’s Amnesia marks no less than 43 years on the map in 2020. If walls could talk, few would have stories to match those of this bona fide Balearic institution. “Events change, DJs change, trends change, but the heart of the club will always be the same,” says the venue’s longest standing resident, Mar-T.

The phrase ‘if it ain’t broke’ springs to mind when discussing the San Antonio spot, which is credited with helping nurture and incubate the acid house movement. Today it continues to deliver what so many come to the White Island for. Mayhem abounds on the dark main dancefloor, the glass ceiling still makes perfect sunrise moments, and an expansive terrace area packed with plants lets revellers take five from the full-throttle proceedings.

Though of course dependent on the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 looks set to be another huge year for all involved, with impressive sound guaranteed by way of new Kv2 systems set to pummel both rooms of music, and a weekly calendar largely focused on heavy, upfront tunes. From techno session Pyramid, through to the carnival of Elrow, Jamie Jones’ Paradise, and the appropriately titled Do Not Sleep parties, it’s obvious that the founding principle of this venue — originally named The Workshop of Forgetfulness — remains firmly at the centre of the action, and nobody would ever want it any other way. A living legend, make no mistake.