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Warung Beach Club

Location: Santa Catarina, Brazil
Capacity: 2,500

Warung has been firmly lodged in our Top 100 poll for many years. In the past it has ridden a wave of EDM hype, but as that has dispersed, it has gone back to its more underground roots. For proof, look no further than November last year, when the club turned 17 with the likes of Honey Dijon, Richie Hawtin, Peggy Gou, Solomun, and homegrown hero ANNA. It was a packed-out event with people hanging from the rafters and gazing out down to the beach as the beats rained down. The special Carnival series in February also invited heavyweights like Marco Carola, Seth Troxler and Dubfire not long after Mind Against played a special all-night-long set.

In this eco-minded age in which we live, Warung also stands proud as a club built almost entirely out of wood and straw, and one with a natural respect for the jungle around it. Famously, the place is only accessible by a path that winds up from the Atlantic ocean, along a beach and through the lush green jungle. It's wooden architecture is inspired by Indonesian open-air temples and when the sun peaks in through the gaps each morning, it is one of dance music's must-experience moments.