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Location: Ibiza, Spain
Capacity: 10,000

Yep, Privilege is huge. It's the biggest club in the world (according to the Guinness World Records, although El Fortin in Brazil may now claim otherwise) and almost the size of a small city. Lord only knows what punters did before mobile phones. You could lose someone in there for weeks! We jest, of course, but this fantastical venue has history under its belt. One of the original hedonistic destinations of the ‘90s, when Manumission could do no wrong (or actually do lots of wrong). Or when it first launched in the late ‘70s as the open-air Ku Club that attracted a flamboyant crowd, along with many of the workers of the island, for the original Ibiza experience.

This microcosm of like-minded party-goers has pretty much seen it all, and last year the mighty Carl Cox headlined for RESISTANCE. Exuberant parties SuperMartXe and IAMARichBitch also took place under the glistening gaze of the Ibiza sun through the famous glass dome that now covers Privilege.