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De School

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Capacity: 750

Congratulations are in order — not only has De School secured this year’s Highest Climber award, but it's done it for a second year in a row! Jumping up a further 18 places (almost equalling last year’s record of 19), the club’s meteoric rise is testament to the incredible clubbing experience created by the venue’s dedicated team.

From exploring the labyrinth of rooms on the ground floor — where ravers can find all manner of music, sculpture, video and other art installations, or take a break in the dappled greenery of the garden — to losing oneself in the smoke and sweat of the Funktion-One-powered basement space, a trip to De School can veer from relaxed to intense at the punter’s pleasure, but always feels safe and soundtracked by the very best in underground dance music. Programmed entirely in-house, 2020 has already seen everyone from CCL to Surgeon, SHERELLE to DJ Stingray, Donna Leake to Phase Fatale play the club.

We’re sad to say that the five-year story of this former technical school — which also offers two concert venues, office spaces, a gym, and a restaurant — will come to an end in 2021, when the club is scheduled to close. Do yourself a favour and pay a visit before it does.