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Location: Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
Capacity: 1,700

Built on a solid clubbing foundation from its mother club (J.Ave Super Club, which has been in the nightlife business for more than 10 years), OQTAGON BY J.AVE, now known only as OQTAGON, opened its doors in 2017. Since then, the club has grown to become an institution in the nightlife of Cebu. As the club’s PR Anthony suggests: “Though the nightlife scene has been very challenging in 2019, with customers becoming more demanding in terms of music and service, we made it to the point that their experience the moment they step inside is at par with any other clubs in the world, with a touch of Cebuano hospitality. The new Lounge Room on the second floor is now in full operation for chilling before the party.”

Key nights are Fridays and Saturdays with the theme, Local And Proud, highlighting Cebuano/Philippino DJs, including residents Juan Pablo (head DJ), Boyet Ilustrisimo, Cyrel Fernandez, Gimbert Manlawe, and MC Jed Ignacio. In 2019, international DJs such as Gregori Klosman, Kevu, Plastik Funk, South Korea’s Hyo and DJ Koo have also massively boosted the club’s image and growth.