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DJ Mag Top100 Clubs
Cavo Paradiso

Location: Mykonos, Greece
Capacity: 3,000

YOU can’t talk about Cavo Paradiso without mentioning where it’s situated. On a rock overlooking the Aegean Sea, it lives up to its name; peeking out over a 100-foot cliff above crystalline blue waters you won’t see until the sunrise, which remains one of the most incredible clubbing experiences on the Mediterranean, the club also has a view onto the island of Delos, where legend has it Apollo, the god of music himself, was born.

Cavo Paradiso’s big indoor space and poolside terrace — all armed with a Funktion-One soundsystem — are both designed to be at one with the island’s natural beauty, making it a key place for sunrise parties, full-moon parties, fireworks, and, of course, those all important selfies. The club’s sheer beauty has helped make it a magnet for a wide range of DJs too, from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and Chris Liebing going deep into techno country, to the Steve Aokis and Diplos of the world escalating the space to the extravagant heights of utopian, bacchanal EDM. Few clubs in the world bring together this level of international talent with deeper and more discerning sounds, all next to such overpowering ancient history and natural beauty.