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Space Plus Nanjing

Location: Nanjing, China
Capacity: 1,200

Like the Ibiza club of a similar name, Space Plus in China has become a byword for world-class clubbing. The Chinese brand has now grown into a series of clubs dotted across China, with Space Plus Nanjing the latest.
Where a lot of China has fallen for EDM and big-room house in a big way, Space Plus Nanjing puts the focus on more diverse electronic sounds, with the local scene at its heart. And that local scene powers the club’s two indoor festivals, with Origin and Exit both lasting eight days and featuring a cast of headliners and resident DJs.

When not putting on festivals, the 1,200-capacity Space Plus Nanjing is split into two rooms, each powered by L-Acoustics and featuring over 300 metres of LED screens. Whether it’s festivals or intimate club nights, this is world-class clubbing Chinese style.