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Laroc Club

Location: Valinhos, Brazil

Capacity: 5,000

“The owners had the dream to create a new epicentre for electronic music fans in the heart of São Paulo state in Brazil,” says Victor Flosi from Laroc Club, recalling the origins of the celebrated venue. “They chose the hidden hills of Valinhos, 100 kilometres from São Paulo city, as their home almost six years ago, where there was nothing before. Since then, they’ve focused on creating a space with a festival atmosphere, but putting the public close to the artists.”

In a country with a good share of world-class venues, Laroc Club has risen to prominence, inviting DJs from across the style spectrum to rock its fine-tuned JBL VTX soundsystem and outdoor festival-style stage. For its special Ame Laroc Festival in February 2020 — that coincided with Carnival celebrations — Claptone, Guy Gerber and W&W played, along with big-name Brazilian DJs like Felguk, Wehbba and Renato Ratier. Since then, the club has remained shut due to the severe impact of Covid in the country.

“We have to say it wasn’t easy to cope during these difficult times,” says Flosi. “Our last opening during Carnival 2020 was so epic that it reverberated for many months into the pandemic, but at the same time, got all of us very frustrated.”

Nevertheless, the Laroc Club crew are planning ahead, devising some new ideas they can implement when the pandemic eventually subsides.

“We continued with our team, which was relocated to other companies in the group until the return of the events, but always with a beacon of hope,” Flosi adds. “We are planning some new features for the epic return, when it is possible.”