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Location: London, UK 

Capacity: 1,510

Iconic London venue fabric has come a long way since the building’s inception as a meat storage cellar for neighbouring Smithfield Market in Clerkenwell. After being founded as a club in 1999, it swiftly earned a reputation as London’s go-to dance music destination before it was forced to temporarily shut in 2016 — unknowing that a global pandemic would come along and do the same a few years after.

Finally, in July 2021, the 25,000-square-foot venue welcomed guests back with an epic 42-hour party in a newly renovated space, marking the arrival of a new chapter in the club’s celebrated history. Now, fitted acoustic panels line the interiors, a brutalist, concrete DJ booth has taken over Room 2, and even a new strict no-photos policy has been introduced, echoing a rule from when the club first opened.

To keep it fresh, a host of new DJs including Jossy Mitsu, Tapefeed, and Hutch have joined the 2021 roster, alongside OG residents Terry Francis and Craig Richards, and 2019 additions like Anna Wall and Mantra. Parties-wise, the pre-pandemic structure of bass-heavy FABRICLIVE Friday nights is set to become more “genre-bending”, while Saturdays will become even more focused on techno, explains fabric’s Matt Star. “The club plans to build on the strength of their 42-hour reopening weekender by introducing more ‘all-weekend’ events,” he continues, “all with the goal of creating a real 24/7, weekend-long destination for London.”