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DJ Mag Top100 Clubs

Location: Phuket, Thailand

Capacity: 5,000+

Despite the pandemic, Phuket's popular Illuzion club managed to stay open for most of the last year. "We applied all the government guidelines such as social distancing, hand sanitiser stations and temperature checks in order to keep our party-goers safe while enjoying a night out at our venue," says Marketing Manager Flavio. "When Illuzion is open, it operates as it always has."

And that is to say that the former shopping mall turned three-roomed, 6,500-square-metre space continues to offer a seven-day programme. As well as 500 dancers, the space holds more than 300 VIP tables in a private VIP room with separate balconies. The club plays host to live concerts and corporate events, as well as mainstream and underground DJs, with a 100-square-metre LED wall for mind-blowing visuals.

One subtle change that was made in the last 12 months was putting more of a focus on local talent and visitors, due to the restrictions on international travel. The likes of NERVO played on New Year's Eve, some of the biggest hip-hop artists in Thailand played most weeks, and handy residents like DJ Kraiz, DJ Tyvon, and DJ Mighty, and MCs like DAX, Prada, and Mike Blue all relished the chance to take control of the club more often.