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Location: Dubai, UAE

Capacity: 2,000 (standard), 500 (seated)

White Dubai was destined to work even before opening its doors to Emirati and ex-pat party people in 2013. Sticking with the formula that made the Beirut venue of the same name so successful, the first records were spun at the UAE branch when the club was inside the Marooj Al Rotana ballroom.

Quickly moving to its current open-air site on the eighth floor of the Meydan Grandstand, it now offers spectacular views over the iconic Dubai skyline. Meanwhile, trees and plants installed around the dancefloor add to the sense of finding a real hedonist’s haven above the desert metropolis. 

Although still open seven days a week, the line-ups have adapted in line with coronavirus restrictions put in place by the Dubai government. The most prominent change is an emphasis on booking talent based in the UAE, along with the introduction of a restaurant and lounge concept where performance artists look after entertainment by way of spectacular and jaw-dropping routines. Suffice to say, though, dance music remains at the very heart of the venue, with a 60-minute David Guetta livestream the most recent event to take advantage of a new full-LED DJ booth.