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Ai Nightclub

Location: Taipei

Capacity: 1,800

Taipei's Ai Nightclub only had to close for two weeks from March 25th to April 10th in 2020. In that time, the former shopping centre hosted some livestreams, but by May was enjoying full dancefloors once again. "We pretty much had normal club nights for the rest of 2020, but without international guests and tourists, and masks and hand sanitiser were always with us," says Artist Manager, Linlin Fan.

Ai is known for leading the clubbing scene in Taipei, but also more broadly across Asia. Part of the reason for that is its investment in a sleek, modern look: the club was designed by one of Asia's leading design firms, Howard Liao Design, and is famous for its unique lighting, lasers, and curved features. In the last year, big additions were made to the LED ceiling, new lasers were added, and the club has gone from three to five nights of action per week.

With no international guests, resident DJ Junior has often been found on the decks serving up his signature mix of high-energy, eclectic tunes. "We hope everyone is vaccinated and club life can get back to normal soon," says Fan. "Then we can again book international DJs in future months."