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DJ Mag Top100 Clubs
WARP Shinjuku

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Capacity: 1,000

WARP SHINJUKU has landed in the Top 100 Clubs for the second consecutive year — not bad for a venue yet to celebrate its third anniversary. The superclub, which lies in the heart of Tokyo’s nightlife district, opened in 2018 and quickly assured its place as one of the capital’s key clubbing locations. State-of-the-art sound and lighting design, Japan-themed dance shows and top-tier DJ talent have won this venue fans world over.

The WARP complex is itself impressive, divided into three main areas for clubbers of various persuasions. UNIVERSE FLOOR, surrounded by plush velvet seating for VIP guests, serves up EDM delights throughout the night, while BAR METEO offers specialised DJ sets for those in search of edgier club sounds. COSMOS ROOM, the smallest space of the three, provides an ambient, homely retreat.

Billed as “Tokyo 100 years from now”, WARP’s futuristic theme and decor sit well in one of the brightest cities in the world, as seen from space. It currently boasts Japan's largest LED screens and a solid resident DJ roster, including Tomopiro, Ryohey, Ibaki, Max, Bar:D Suzuki, Kage and Shimon. Stellar productions, world-class talent, premium service — WARP is just getting started.