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AVALON Hollywood

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Capacity: 1,500

Avalon is a fixture of Hollywood. The historic building has stood firm through many iterations, the pandemic is just another blip on its radar. The home of progressive house and trance on the West Coast, Avalon hosted many livestreams with international trance superstars during lockdown. The venue’s staff stayed busy during this time, redesigning the stage and DJ layout and adding hanging trusses above the dancefloor.

This facelift was a fun surprise for the venue’s patrons when they were able to return to the ornate venue this summer. Avalon hit the ground running with Wolfgang Gartner, Hook n Sling, and Borgeous, and has Morgan Page, Julian Jordan, and Thomas Gold coming up, among others. Saturday nights host Avalon’s two-decade-strong house, progressive house and trance night, with Kristina Sky and Randy Seidman in the warm-up slot quite often. The latest musical style featured on Fridays is reggaetón, in the form of the Gasolina party. The venue is getting ready to launch a techno night on Thursdays.

No matter what the genre, Avalon’s state-of-the-art sound, lighting and visuals, combined with its ideally sized dancefloor and overlooking balcony form just the right setup.