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Location: Berlin, Germany 

Capacity: 1,000

2021 marked Tresor’s 30th birthday and taking into account the club’s continued temporary closure due to the pandemic, it was a bittersweet moment that still went off with a bang — just without the usual celebratory series of parties to coincide. Instead, Tresor has streamed Nene H, DJ Stingray, Objekt and more from the Basement, in addition to reissuing one-off releases from its record label. Set for general release in October, a special boxset of sounds by Surgeon, LSDXOXO, Jeff Mills and more aligned with the club and label will also signify the occasion, as well as a book of unpublished photos and flyers that detail Tresor’s storied history — keeping the spirit of the club alive during Covid-19.

Dimitri Hegemann initially opened Tresor in the vault of a defunct department store in Leipziger Platz, before migrating to a former power plant in Mitte in 2005. Hegemann christened the colossal, industrial space Kraftwerk, where Tresor remains today in the building’s stripped-back basement.

Comprising three rooms connected by various tunnels and stairs, Tresor’s Basement, Globus and +4Bar have played pivotal roles in shaping Berlin’s club culture. While Tresor itself remains silent, upstairs in the Kraftwerk building, Berlin Atonal’s audiovisual exhibition will take place from 25th September to 30th October.