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Catwalk Disco & Club

Location: Guangzhou, China

Capacity: 900

Catwalk is one of the most prominent dancing destinations in the nightlife powerhouse of Guangzhou. Like so many clubs in China, while it's been operating for the majority of this past year, it’s been very different to how it was pre-pandemic. With no guarantees that international bookings will be allowed through border control, the country’s scene has seen a major shift in line-ups, with the vast majority of performing artists now based in domestic locations.

In addition to guests, prized residents Cookie, Angel Lee, Xixi, Fly, Miko, Benson, Lee, Bomberman, Keen Jork, Hyman, and Cross are all familiar faces to regulars in the Catwalk crowd, who are also accustomed to state-of-the-art production. EAW Avalon sound from the US, a 360-degree LED display screen and immersive effects by one of Asia’s most-renowned visual companies, PR Lighting, all combine to deliver an unforgettable experience once on the floor.

Meanwhile, extensive dining and bar areas prove punters never need to leave once inside. It’s a winning formula, which is why August 2021 saw the opening of a brand new sister venue, Catwalk +, offering a more diverse music policy, and firmly positioning the team as a "spiritual leader of night entertainment”.