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Openpie Party Space

Location: Guigang, China

Capacity: 1,000 people

There is no easy time to open a new club, but just before a pandemic might be the most challenging of all. As the club was getting started back in December 2019, the Chinese government called for all people to self-isolate, so it was immediately closed for three months. Other than that, it has been operating normally. The space the club took over used to be a badminton hall in Guigang, a prefecture-level city in eastern Guangxi. It is a new, multi-use venue that describes itself as "an unlimited-style club, including brand, business, social, online and offline events".

In the last year, the club has worked on forging close relations with clubbers and businesses in the local area. Its brand and popularity have grown across the whole Guangxi province and now it is known across the wider Chinese music scene. DJs like Carta, Aryue, Una, Whybeatz, Giftback, RAYRAY, and Pinko will play the club in the coming months and bring a broad spectrum of sound — from trance to hip-hop to EDM. Brands like Trance Nation, the 0775 indoor music festival, and Rap Guigang are all regular hosts who fill out the 800-square-metre main hall, which boasts a French APG soundsystem and clean, luxury decor.