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Lux Fragil

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Capacity: 1,500

Lisbon’s Lux Fragil is without a doubt one of the Portuguese capital’s most popular, long-running and world-renowned nightclubs. Launched in 1998 and located on the stunning River Tagus, the venue features a club space, bar and terrace. Lux Fragil has played host to some impressive names over the years: Goldie, Jeff Mills, Kerri Chandler, Dr. Rubinstein, Ivan Smagghe, Avalon Emerson and Ben UFO have all made appearances, as well as longstanding residents Rui Vargas, Yen Sung, Tiago Miranda, Zé Pedro Moura, Dexter and Leonaldo De Almeida.

The club regularly celebrates an abundance of local Portugese talent such as Violet and her naive imprint, and Jorge Caiado of label and record store Carpets and Snares. While the club has been closed it has continued the Lux Fragil FM radio shows on SBSR.FM, dedicating eight weeks worth of shows to some favourite local record stores in Lisbon and Porto.