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Poll 2022: One Third
1/3 One Third

Location: Beijing, China

Capacity: 3,600 

Covering a whopping 2,500 square metres, with four industrially designed private rooms, 10 executive rooms and four open booths in the basic space, the first thing to note about One Third is the scale. With a bespoke Martin Audio system throughout, and design input from Live Legends, the Beijing club has the scope to match the Chinese capital’s ever-growing appetite for big and bold club experiences.

Now five years on from opening, the club has displayed admirable maturity and far-sighted planning, keeping up momentum during the depths of pandemic lockdowns with its Online Cloud Raves (and the hugely-welcome pot of donations they garnered). With the diversification of its music policy to cater for the explosion in popularity of K-pop and hip-hop among Chinese clubbers, the team hasn't missed a step.

The club specialises in themed parties and huge indoor festivals, booking the likes of Wolfpack, Rave Republic, Fedde Le Grand, Vini Vici, D.O.D and Dash Berlin, alongside a resident roster of rising local talent that includes DJ HAI, DJ Salt, Yujn, DJ PANDA, Giftback, Luminn, DJ Akina, Deku Joe, DJ Eddy, DJ Una and DJ Marvin.

Having expanded to Hangzou and Kunming and with plans in place to host the Chinese Electronic Music Summit, One Third’s presence looks set to skyrocket even further.