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Poll 2022: Culture Club Revelin
Culture Club Revelin

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Capacity: 1,500+

Culture Club Revelin, housed within a medieval fortress, is one of most historic venues in Croatia. But the pandemic presented an all-new challenge, especially given the venue is entirely indoors. While many others could open, Revelin remained closed. But since May 2022, it has been back open and working at full capacity. 

In the meantime, the soundsystem got a few minor upgrades in the first and third rooms, but, says the club's Fillip Sulic, "the main room is perfectly balanced so we didn't touch that part. The light system is getting a brand new roof in the main room and we will install roof screens and refresh the VIP with new furniture. The stage also got a few more lasers and the DJ gear got an upgrade.

With these sort of tweaks happening every other year, it's no wonder the club remains packed five or six days a week. DANCElectric (PHILIPE), Kosta Radman, DJ Speed and young prodigy El Maar make up the crack team of residents who span house, techno and plenty in between. "El Maar is our weapon of choice," says Fillip. "He's young and an extremely talented producer and DJ with huge potential."

A busy summer sees the likes of MK, Gorgon City, Claptone and Miss Monique, Solardo's HIGHER festival take the club to new heights.