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Poll 2022: DC-10

Location:  Ibiza, Spain

Capacity: 1,500

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, DC-10 has come back from the pandemic bigger and bolder than ever. It’s hardly a surprise, given that the stalwart Ibiza venue’s status sits somewhere between iconic and infamous. There’s little about the third-biggest Balearic island that remains truly ‘underground’ these days, but DC-10 (a former aircraft hangar at the end of the airport runway, where planes still fly low overhead to the delight of cheering crowds) continues to stay true to its original ethos. Since opening back in 1999, the early spirit of hedonism endures via the original Circoloco parties, which are still a rite of passage for DJs and ravers alike. 

This year’s summer season will be the longest in Circoloco history, and marks the first full season in Ibiza since 2019. Though the club still does little publicity or PR, unlike previous years this summer's line-ups have all been announced at once, with 24 parties in total running every Monday from May until October. Carl Cox, Amelie Lens and Patrick Topping have also been confirmed as this year’s residents. There are many factors at play when it comes to the secret of DC-10's longevity and success, but its unwavering commitment to quality electronic music is certainly one of them.