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Poll 2022: Lost Beach Club
Lost Beach Club

Location: Montañita, Ecuador

Capacity: 3000

Lost Beach was fortunate during the pandemic in that it was one of the first clubs in South America that was permitted to open up again. “In Ecuador, no other clubs could open until a year after we opened,” says inspirational club owner Kami Tadayon, who was granted special dispensation by the Ecuadorian governmental authorities. 

In typical Lost Beach style (the club is named after the long-running TV series Lost, where plane crash survivors experience surreal goings-on on the desert island they’re washed up on), they took what time out they had to open a new secret room that resembles a spaceship hidden behind a mirror, and upgrade the DJ booths with new CDJ-3000s and Pioneer V10 mixers. 

The list of visiting international DJs over the past 12 months or so reads like a who’s who of the alternative house and techno scenes — from John Summit to Bushwacka and many points in between, ably assisted by resident DJs such as Carloh, Marcelo Garzozi, Alejandro Soria, Manolo Morales, Maxwell Gonzales, Eli Lasso, and Lostbeachkami himself. “Coming up, we want to organise a festival every first week of the year and have different brands be in charge of each night,” says Kami. “We want this to be a BPM-style festival where everyone comes from outside Ecuador.”