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Poll 2022: Warp Shinjuku
WARP Shinjuku

Location: Tokyo, Japan 

Capacity: 1,000

Located in the heart of Tokyo’s nightlife district, WARP is one of the largest dance music clubs in Japan. Alongside resident DJs Tomopiro, RHY, Ibaki, Max, Kage, and Bar:D Suzuki, WARP brings together world-class international DJs, high-energy audio-visual technologies and luxury table service. Inside, there are four floors. The first floor, known as Universe, holds up to 600 people and is built around a three-stage, circular truss ‘Solar System’ lighting rig. The second floor, Bar Meteo, is a drinks lounge with a VIP section. Up on the third floor, the Cosmo Room has the feel of a chilled-out private party within the larger club space. The most recent addition is the club’s fourth floor — with another dancefloor, DJ booth and bar of its own — which was built in the last 12 months.

Having redesigned the club, the WARP team is able to curate weekly themed events and demonstrate the strength of their position in Japanese clubbing. “WARP has nearly fully recovered [from the Covid-19 pandemic shutdowns] with parties at max occupancy,” Shinsuke Ito tells DJ Mag. “The area never had a nightclub of this scale and it is truly something special.”