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Poll 2022: Tresor

Location: Berlin, Germany

Capacity: 1,500

Berlin’s Tresor turned 30 during the pandemic without a Klubnacht celebration. But although the club’s halls were devoid of late-night antics, Tresor still utilised the vast space of its Kraftwerk building to become an exhibition space. From 24th September to 31st October 2021, the space ran the Metabolic Rift exhibition as part of the Berlin Atonal programme, which included artworks and installations from Hieroglyphic Being, Lyra Pramuk, Pan Daijing and Vladislav Delay among many others. The programme also hosted a series of concerts, with live performances from Actress, Klein, Laurel Halo and Ziúr to name only a few. 

From the 6th to 7th May 2022 marked the reopening of Tresor with its first full club weekend since March 2020. During the time off, Tresor also had a refurb. The club’s house and experimental dancefloor, Globus, has had a complete makeover and a new soundsystem by Lambda Labs has been fitted throughout.