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Poll 2022: El Fortin
El Fortin

Location: Porto Belo, Brazil

Capacity: 6,000 

Since its opening back in 2006, El Fortin has slowly risen to become one of Brazil’s foremost clubbing destinations. Split across three different dancefloors, the club has something for everyone within its 6,000-capacity venue. The Main Stage area focuses on the popular genres in the Brazilian scene, with everything from G-house and nu-disco to Brazilian techno. The other floors offer something different to clubgoers, with the Black Tarj floor focusing on higher-BPM genres such as trance and progressive, while the Yard area is more of a chillout zone with downtempo listening options. 

During the pandemic, El Fortin’s closure was brief but still challenging. During this time the club used social media to stay connected with its dedicated fanbase, posting inspirational video messages on Instagram from the resident DJs and family members, offering positive energy to get through the chaos of the first lockdown.