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Poll 2022: Amnesia

Location: Ibiza, Spain

Capacity: 3,900

Amnesia was a bohemian retreat long before it became a home for the burgeoning sound we now call the Balaeric beat. A place for the Flower Generation to turn on, tune in and drop out before the hippie era came to a close. Well, you can still do all that now, but to a soundtrack of contemporary house, tech-house and techno.

Founded in 1974, Amnesia has become home to leading electronic music artists from around the world and a leading light in one of the club scene’s key locations. After lying fallow for two years, the venue opened to a packed-out night in late May, which ran for an impressive 18 hours. Amnesia favourites such as Mar-T and Jamie Jones were in attendance, as were the club’s famed dancers, decked out in shiny metallic gear. 

There’s a lot of talent on the White Isle and with that comes a lot of competition, but Amnesia remains in its own lane — as the club’s music director Neil Evans tells DJ Mag: “Amnesia’s retained its authenticity and it’s still very much a family operation. It’s a special place —  a lot of people have met here and got married, had kids.” 

This Summer, Jamie Jones will migrate his internationally renowned Paradise nights to the venue and queer collective He.She.They. will be bringing their loyal following too. But seasoned Amnesia ravers need not fear too much change: the regular elrow, Together and Pyramid parties will be back — not to mention the CO2 cannons.