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Poll 2022: Goa Club
Goa Club

Location: Rome, Italy

Club Capacity: 700

Based in a former mechanic’s shop in Rome’s Ostiense neighbourhood, Goa Club has been on quite a journey. Over the last 26 years, the club hosted Donato Dozzy, Nicolas Lutz and many more, but last October, Goa shut its doors to “make way for the construction of university classrooms” according to owner and cofounder Giancarlino. Today, he assures DJ Mag they are moving to a new location. While plans are still under wraps, it’s possible that events Ulteabeat, Nozoo and rebel rebel will continue, and residents Adiel, Fabrizio Sala, Marcolino, GNMR, Silvie Loto, Marco G and Mr Kite will return in full force.