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Poll 2022: Lux Fragil
Lux Fragil

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Capacity: 1,500

Lisbon’s Lux Fragil never fails to hit the spot. The three-floor venue became home to one of Europe’s most enchanting clubs in 1998, spearheading a new renaissance in the Lisbon underground scene. Its funked-out and spacious interior, balcony view overlooking the River Tagus and consistent run of top-tier DJ talent has kept this superclub on our list for many years. Current residents include Yen Sung, Switchdance, Zé Pedro Moura and Dexter, while its international bookings this year alone would put most other venues to shame. So far, the likes of Roza Terenzi, Octo Octa, Marcel Dettmann, Jane Fitz, Gerd Janson, Josey Rebelle, Helena Hauff and Juliana Huxtable have all graced the Fragil booth. Not bad for a club entering its mid-twenties.