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Poll 2022: Nitsa

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Capacity: 1,000

Another club representing the strength and depth of Barcelona’s nightlife scene, Nitsa operates from a former cabaret theatre, its more modern-looking second room Astin added in 2017. 

Finding strength in diversity, the club supports local and international talent, covering everything from modern drum & bass to disco, as well as queer parties, such as Somoslas and MARICAS, and African diaspora crews, including Jokkoo and Poly-Rythmo. 

Across June, for example, you could find Pendulum, Nicola Cruz and SPFDJ all playing different weekends, while 2ManyDJs, Jeff Mills, RP Boo and Sicaria Sound are part of the club’s wider 2022 schedule, making Nitsa a paradise for all tribes.