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Poll 2022: La Feria
La Feria

Location: Santiago, Chile

Capacity: 300

It’s hard to believe Chilean club La Feria has been around for as long as it has, due to its compact size. In its two-decade-long tenure, the 300-capacity club has maintained its status as the epicentre of Santiago’s underground. 

The past two years have been difficult for clubs globally, and certainly harder for venues of La Feria’s size. But the camaraderie among its community has kept the spirit (and club) alive. Looking ahead the club has big plans: “La Feria On Tour, our massive events outside the club, [will] continue to grow. We've gone from only doing summer events to one every two months,” says bookings manager, Ornella Vernella. “We continue to innovate and promote the use of sustainable energy as the first club in the world to operate with 100% clean energy.”