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Poll 2023: Lost Beach Club
Lost Beach Club

Location: Montañita, Ecuador  

Capacity: 2,500   

A favourite amongst underground international touring DJs, Lost Beach — on the western tip of South America in a surf town on the Ecuadorian coast — is an infamous oasis. In the last year it’s played host to John Summit, Nic Fanciulli, Bushwacka, Solardo, Seb Zito, Doc Martin, Mr.C, Miguel Campbell, and dozens more touring DJs, supplemented by residents Carloh, Ezziolino, Marcelo Garzozi and effervescent owner Kami, who built the club — and its neighbouring feeder hotel, Dharma Beach — from scratch. An ever-present in the top 30 for many years now, the musical action at Lost Beach begins outside at first, amidst a wealth of bamboo and hanging forestation, before moving indoors to The Cave at 4AM and continuing well into the morning. It’s a delight to lose yourself in the music and the magical moments you’ll experience in the club.