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Poll 2023: Club Space
Club Space

Location: Miami, FL, USA 

Capacity: 2,500 

Clubland connoisseurs the world over share a similar story, about the party that started one night at Space and never stopped. Trust, you’ll see the sunrise at this iconic Miami hang. Space boasts a clear, mass-loaded vinyl roof and continuous 24-hour programming during cultural events like Art Basel and Miami Music Week, and no one’s leaving when the morning light breaks above artists like John Summit, The Martinez Brothers and Damian Lazarus, who’ve all been on hand recently to deliver marathon sets.

The warehouse turned dance music destination has four rooms: The Terrace, The Loft, The Ground and Floyd, the last of which is an intimate speakeasy bathed in red light and outfitted with a unique sound system composed of various early 2000s dancefloor cabinets. While organisers are constantly updating the experience to include offerings like the new Space Sour Beer and community-focused courses on women’s self-defence and financial freedom, the electronic institution’s long-term vision remains focused, or as Amanda Lee, Director of Partnerships & Community Outreach puts it, “Our plan stays consistent — it is always to go into infinity and beyond.”