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Poll 2024: Culture Club Revelin
Culture Club Revelin

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia  

Capacity: 1,500  

Nestled in Dubrovnik's historic Old Town within the formidable Revelin Fortress, Culture Club Revelin has been a beacon of Croatia's underground nightlife since its inception in 2011. Originally a 16th-century medieval bastion, over the past year it has undergone significant upgrades to its state-of-the-art lighting and video effects, dynamic LED displays and captivating laser shows. The club attracts top-tier talent across the house and techno spectrum, like Dubfire, Mood II Swing and Sasha, and hosts parties every night of the week. Resident DJs like BoZZo and DJ Speed keep the local scene thriving, and there are plenty of plans afoot to keep the venue right at the cutting edge, with the incorporation of new production technologies that make use of artificial intelligence and holographic solutions. All of that should help keep it right at the forefront of destination nightclubs both nationally and internationally.